Part 1: Must Watch Series in your lifetime under the corona virus country lockdown 2020

Must Watch Series in your lifetime under the corona virus country lockdown 2020 -

Hi, I am an introvert. Preferably I do not tend to. But I become and bend towards series and movies. I really got a big chunk of a list that you can watch series while corona virus lockdown.

Most of the series is available on Netflix, Amazon Prime or Other big OTT platforms. I list down the series that I liked, with series IMDB ratings, On which OTT platform the series is available.

  1. Breaking Bard – Netflix
  2. Chernobyl – Hotstar
  3. American Genius
  4. Vikings – Netflix
  5. Sherlock –  Netflix
  6. Game Of Thrones – Hotstar
  7. Lucifer – Netflix
  8. Stranger things – Netflix
  9. Sex Education – Netflix
  10. Suits –  Netflix, Amazon Prime
  11. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch – Netflix
  12. Black Mirror –  Netflix
  13. House of Cards – Netflix

Read Below To get more info about the above series.

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Breaking Bad –

Pretty almost everyone knows it. But it is worth a watch in your lifetime, If didn’t watch it yet. Based on a Chemist Professor who got lung cancer and how he deals with it. It is one of the highest-rated series in the world.
IMDB Ratings: 9.4
Must Watch Series
Available on: Netflix


Chernobyl –

The worst nuclear disaster in history and the end of the Soviet Union. Everyone Should know the history and mistake humans make.
Must Watch Series
IMDB Ratings: 9.4
Available on: Hotstar


American Genius –

Based on the people that change the world we are looking at now. Every episode compares 2 personality/competitors in history. Documentaries on people who change the world.
Must Watch Series
IMDB Ratings: 7.9


Vikings –

Based on the early aged of Norse / Scandinavian People between 8th to late 11th centuries. Also called as Viking Age, between the year 795 to 1066 (Approx 1200 years ago). Vikings were the explorer and traders. They explore many lands in that age with handmade ships that can cross countries through the sea. The main character i.e. Ragnar Lothbrok played by Travis Fimmel, is the most admired from the series.
IMDB Ratings: 8.6
Available on: Netflix


Sherlock –

Everyone knows sherlock. It’s quite awesome to see Benedict Cumberbatch, in sherlock avatar. You have to keep with the speed of his speech. The series becomes better as the episode goes.
IMDB ratings: 9.1
Available on: Netflix


Game Of Thrones –

The worldwide best series, ruin it with its last episode. It’s based on the mythical land of WESTEROS. Everyone should watch the series in their life. I always wonder how can someone think of the tons of characters, places, etc and write the story.
Must Watch Series
IMDB Ratings: 9.3
Available on: Hotstar


Lucifer –

Lucifer Morningstar, the bored devil comes to the Earth. The character performs by Tom Ellis and you will fall in love with the actor. Listening to the way of talking Tom Ellis is worth watchpoint from the series.
IMDB Ratings: 8.2
Available on: Netflix


Stranger things –

Many people may already have watched it. The season one builds a lot of interest in the series. It looks like a kids series, but older will love it too. Build on the storyline of the parallel universe and Sci-Fi/science fiction Series
IMDB Ratings: 8.8
Available on: Netflix


Sex Education –

One of the must-watch series. Based on teenagers’ problems and Modern Sensibility. Not only for teenagers, but many people also love it. The show comes with drug addiction, Women’s Health Issues, Depression and many other problems we faced in our lives. And It will make you feel good.
Must Watch Series
IMDB Ratings: 8.3
Available on: Netflix


Suits –

A smart guy caught in bads hands, teams up with Harvey Spector. Every episode is a case, and the storyline among the character goes with it.
IMDB Ratings: 8.5
Available on: Netflix, Amazon Prime


Black Mirror: Bandersnatch –

This kind of series/movie you never watch before. You choose your story/adventure while watching the series. But you need to watch this in explicitly on Netflix. Its not a torrent stuff. You will get the option to choose what the actor should do. Like what he should choose to eat, burger or pizza. Based on your inputs the story goes on.
IMDB Ratings: 7.2
Available on: Netflix


Black Mirror –

Over the years, we tend to lot more on technology. How people will lose to it. Every episode is different. you don’t need to remember or watch from the first season. you can start with the third Season. The third season is the best.
IMDB Ratings: 8.8
Available on: Netflix


House of Cards –

He helped a party congressman to become the PRESIDENT of the United States. He got nothing as promised. He prepares with the future plan logically and strategically, for future Politics/Career.IMDB Ratings: 8.8 Love, Death & Robots – The collection of animated short series. The length of Each episode from 10 min to 20 min. The graphics and animation is a masterpiece. You can experience horror, thriller, action, drama, sci-fi, etc. at the same time.
IMDB Ratings: 8.6
Available on: Netflix


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