Types of Hosting and what is Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and Amazon Lightsail in 2 minutes

Types of Hosting and what is Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and Amazon Lightsail in 2 minutes (1)

What are the types of hosting and how are they different?

There are generally 3 types of hosting website. All are differentiated with each other in terms of size of memory, location of datacenters, processors etc.

Shared Hosting Servers:

Shared hosting is always good for people needs a basic website. Like Blogging, Business or personal portfolio, 4-5 pages static website. Many users shared with a single machine resource. Although shared and VPS hosting are the same, there is always most allow limits to your hosting. So we can not use beyond the limit of processing power/resource. Your website performance will not maintain throughout time. Because another user website also sharing the same resource. It’s like you are living in single flat sharing with roommates.

VPS Hosting:

Voila, A Virtual Private Server. As it seems to be a great company name, it’s the same as the shared hosting. Many clients serve on a single machine. They show to the client, as they are on their separate server. The reason behind its use as it has more resources than the shared hosting. It got more protection for every user. Furthermore, Advantage, one user can not share the resource of others. It’s like you are living in your flat in big fat money people tower building.

When should I need a VPS hosting? 

Its best for those who required root access of the server, and little more power than the shared hosting server

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Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated hosting…? What the heck is this? Do I need it?

Dedicated Hosting refers, full access to the CPU, memory, RAM, hardware, processing power. A user gets its full control on the server with the customize option. For example, in dedicated hosting, we get a computer with the configuration you need on the rent basis. This hosting is generally more expensive than others. It’s like you are living in your bungalow.

As in shared hosting, many options are available to configure. As the selection of PHP version, PHP modules etc, for the setting will be the same. But In Dedicated hosting, you can even set each setting is available to each domain. I can configure PHP version for abcd.com 7.2 and can configure 7.3 for xyz.com. In short, you will get many options, configuration, settings etc in dedicated hosting

When should I need dedicated hosting?

The website which gets 50000 hits per day, required high security, with great speed. Matters uptime a lot while you have good traffic on the website.

Above are these some types of hosting, which has data-centres are at one location around the world. Like if you have millions of user based in India and you are purchasing the dedicated hosting from the USA. There might be little extra it takes to complete the request. Solution for these types of hosting is a cloud server. Cloud server many data-centres across the world. So if a user request from India, the request will send to the nearest cloud server

Types of Hosting and what is Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and Amazon Lightsail in 2 minutes (1)

Amazon Lightsail:

We always heard about Amazon AWS for your apps or products or cloud application. Amazon EC2 services are kind of expensive than VPS or shared hosting. So people tend to use shared hosting or VPS, as compared to the cloud. Thus Amazon comes with a new idea called Amazon Lightsail. With the limited number of a resource like VPS hosting in the normal price range.

The normal cost for WordPress website will go around 300-800 INR/PM. It’s quite expensive than shared hosting. But it is a good idea to used cloud hosting for a big WordPress website with monthly visitors are around 50-80k. This cost is not expensive though as compared to others which go around 20k-50k per years for the cloud server cost

Why should I choose Amazon Lightsail over another VPS hosting?

If users are globally and need high-performance, then you should choose Cloud Hosting. It helps a lot with the speed of your website that’s what google prefer. But some people also complaining about CPU credits. If you are using CPU more than 40% for a straight hour you’ll lose your CPU credits and get throttled back very soon.

For More: https://aws.amazon.com/lightsail/

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