Windows 10 – update and various cool features

Hi guys, As Satya Nadella took the seat as Microsoft CEO. The company tends to listen to its customer in various ways like feedback app in windows 10. As a result, they got various positive and negative feedback from the Customers. Because of this company policy, it is a rebirth for the Company. By working on customer feedback windows 10 getting a lot better than its previous OS windows 7, 8.

Compare to Windows 10 when it released with today windows 10 there is whole new features and updates. Brings a lot more update and features to Windows 10.

Here are some coolest feature you should know about the windows 10

1). Instant web search in the start button search box in Windows 10.

The coolest feature I love about Windows 10 is when we put some words in the start button search box. It will give instant result in the right panel of the search button. Because of this feature, sometimes we need to check the spell or meaning of some words we don’t need to open a browser. Next, you know very well what would happen when you open chrome at the first moment.

2). The All-new chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10

In the end, people tend to open chrome browser. Microsoft Edge is not attracting users as they expected. So in the end, Microsoft decided to go with chromium-based Edge Browser. Their main is on the reliability, fundamentals of browsing. The new chromium edge browser working so well with existing chrome extensions.

3). You can do many more things in Edge Browser as compare to other browsers in Windows 10

There is N number of features in Edge Browser like you can set many tabs aside. You can draw/paint/highlight over the website and share it across in another application. you can see all tabs previews at once.

You can use Cortana to check the meaning/info of any word or anything on the browser.

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4). Windows Sandbox in Windows 10

New Windows comes with a completely isolated environment to test software with security. We can choose whatever access we have to give to the software, from network access to folder access. Its a completely different window, if you close it, it will remove all the sandbox window data. This feature is available on Pro version of Windows. Sorry for the home users guy. This feature is same what we do earlier virtual machine concept called as hyper-v. If you want to use it go start > turn windows features on or off > check the sandbox option and then restart all done.

5). United by Windows, separated by choice. Windows search bar and Cortana separated.

It feels like they stop loving each other. To get search result more effective, efficient Microsoft integrated them. But it turns out to be messy to many people including me, you also. Sometimes it was taking time to load the Cortana or search result. So in the end, Microsoft separated them. The technology will involve when people start using it. But it turns out most of the people don’t use Cortana. Separating Cortana from the search bar, people will forget there is an AI assistant in Windows. Windows 10 - update and various cool features

6). Updated Setting app and action centre in windows 10

Many control panel options are now available in setting app. More flexible and more option to customize your Windows experience. Now you can see all your notification in action centre. Easy access to turn on and off your Bluetooth, Wifi, brightness etc in the action centre

7) Dark mode and Light Mode in Windows 10

Now all the way long you can set the windows 10 to the dark mode or light mode. Where all your app, file explorer, setting etc becomes dark Mode or light mode

8). Windows Security in Windows 10

Windows defender has now become windows security. using other antivirus makes your PC slow and some lagging. Instead of other antivirus software, you can use windows defender. I used it for 2 years and never face the problem. Until you are downloading malware & allowing it pass through windows defender.

10) Uninstall more default apps in windows 10

now you can uninstall more default apps to make some free space in your PC. Many apps are there which you did not even see in your entire interaction with windows 10. Now you can uninstall them

11). Enhance PC search in windows 10

Now there more option to select, how your pc will search your files and directory.

12). Your phone app in windows 10

Windows phone is nowhere in the world now. But Microsoft has embraced Android and iOS phone compatibility. Your phone app now able to access your text, photos, videos, files from your phone to your windows pc

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