How to reduce image size online in 1 minute without losing the quality

  1. Go to Photopea | Online Photo Editor
  2. click on FILE > OPEN OR click on OPEN FROM COMPUTER

  3. select the file from your computer
  4. go to the top left menu
  5. click on file > export, and choose the format you want.
  6. use jpeg/jpg if your image doesn’t have a background transparent
  7. you can use webp, which is more optimised than png and jpg, saving a lot of space. but only use it for websites, cause it usually works in browsers
  8.  then a popup will occur, reduced the width to 1200-1900 as resolution you want, and check the size at the bottom left corner of the popup.

  9. if you want to reduce more you can reduce the quality range bar, below the width and height
  10. click on save that’s it

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