Best shared hosting server for small, business website 2020

Affordable and good hosting plan for the corporate/personal/blogging website, developers/freelancers. 

Hi Guys.
Today I am going to help you, to choose the best shared hosting server for your business website. I am working as a Front-End Developer. I have a lot of experience buying/selecting the best hosting plan for the clients. I search for a lot of services like GoDaddy, Bigrock, Namecheap, HostGator and many more. As a developer, I was looking for a hosting plan. which offers me unlimited bandwidth, can host many websites, good support team. I am going to compare packages from some service provider which can help you to choose the hosting plan.

1). Godaddy shared hosting

Godaddy is one of the most popular domain and hosting service provider. Godaddy is also popular for their ads, customer support and their up-time which is around 99.5%. The company had its dependent infrastructure where they focused on server uptime. If you are a new customer trying to buy a domain. Godaddy gives offers that you can not believe first, but at the end of the payment, it becomes a huge number. Which is near about the same as of other service providers.

Let’s take an example of Domain registration, last time they were offering the domain at 199 ₹/PA. Wait, what…!! looking very low cost. But after we reached the payment page, it becomes a huge number, even you have to pay privacy protection. If you not going to select this option, they will sell your contact details to another company. The renewal cost becomes 999₹/pa from 199₹/pa.

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2). Bigrock shared hosting

Do you know, Hostgator/Bluehost/Bigrock have the same parent company called EIG? Bigrock was popular for its support and cheap rate. But nowadays, as per interaction with their customer support was not quite good. Bigrock always had an * on their unlimited things. Bigrock renewal pricing is normal as compared to GoDaddy.
They provide support through calls, emails and chat.

best shared hosting

3). Namecheap shared hosting

After a couple of years, working with different service provider BigRock, GoDaddy, Hostgator. I landed on Namecheap. Namecheap was new to me, and as per its name, it was very cheap as compare to bigrock, GoDaddy. It also offers great support. Like sometimes I have to do nothing like domain pointing, adding records. They helped us in all possible ways. Namecheap charged very less as compare to others renewal plan, that can not even you imagine

Namecheap charged very less as compare to other renewal plans, that can not even you imagine. Their first shared hosting for 3 website fees are around $20.44 (1100-1300 INR) with 20GB SSD Space. Along with hosting you will receive 50 SSL certificates free of cost. You might be thinking about the renewal charges for the SSL might be too hight, but they are only of 8$ to 10$/pa. Check it out and buy domains, hosting, SSL, email hosting at very less price from the following link.

4). Hostinger shared hosting

Hostinger launched in India, with great offers. In ₹ 6,946.00 you will get 3 years unlimited website hosting with lifetime free SSL. Hostinger has great speed in India as compare to others when I tested on a website. Server test speed checker website name is where you can check for many locations. So I entered my website, check the speed for nearest i.e. Bangalore. It was 180ms, and it’s quite better than others. Hostinger also provides lifetime Cloudflare protection for 545 which is quite awesome.

Hostinger also provides lifetime Cloudflare protection for 545 which is quite awesome. Lifetime SSL in just 550. At the end of the day, I have been on hostinger a quite while. For me, the best shared hosting for 3 years is hostinger in India.

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