Must read for the people who think, why not the Indian Government should ban Chinese product after all this happen

Must read for the people who think, why not the Indian Government should ban Chinese product after all this happen-thedigiweb

China is a problem for all nations, which are sharing a border with China. Such as Japan, Bhutan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South China Sea, Eastern china sea, Tibet, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, and the list goes on. China also steals places like the Aksai Chin area of India, Tibet, Sino-Pakistan Agreement Land, etc.

There is a lot of anger against china in Indian people. After what happens at eastern Ladakh’s Galwan area where 20 Indian soldiers got killed on June 15. After that whole India screamed with Boycott china. And people burned Chinese appliances and goods on Indian streets. 18 June, where people thought OnePlus 8 Pro won’t sell out because of India-China standoff. What happened is so shocking. OnePlus 8 Pro sell-off within minutes in India after its online sales began. Because of some shitty useless Indians who don’t care about their country and soldier’s sacrifices.  A lot of people saying that the Government should ban the Chinese product. But how can it possible.

The Reasons why the Government of India can’t ban Chinese product:

  • Under the world trade organization(WTO) rules. To which both India and China are signatories. Any country can’t ban another country’s product. – ( Under this Rule, the Indian Government can’t ban Chinese products. If there has to be a boycott it can be a social one. where people say no to Chinese products on themselves. If for a moment people decide to buy Korean made Samsung, a Taiwanese HTC, or a Sony from Japan over Chinese oppo. We have a lot of alternatives to those products. People of India should compromise for the Chinese products which are lower in prices. For the sake of death of our Indian Soldiers. and For motivation, there’s an example. The United States detonated two nuclear weapons over Japan in 1945. After that Japanese people never bought US products. The US still struggling to sell items in Japan)
  • China is India’s second-largest trade partner. China has accounted for 10.6% of the Indian trade. Where India accounts for only 2.1% of Chinese trade. ( If now the Indian Government Bans the Chinese products. Then trading between both nations will end. By watching the numbers of trading account you will understand what will happen to the Indian economy. If the Indian government ban Chinese products.)
  • For example, Indian companies imports 90% of medicines API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) from china. Now if the Government boycott china’s product . will china trade with India? will china allow the import of API to India? No. Of course Not. Without API no Pharma company can produce medicines. What will happen to India with no Medicine?.
  • India imports more than half of the sports equipment imports are from China. Table tennis balls, shuttlecocks, badminton and tennis racquets, gym equipment, sportswear. The list of sports equipment imported from china goes on and on. (so if the government bans on Chinese products it will also have a bad impact on sport also)
  • The Indian auto components industry imports items worth $17.6 billion. In which $4.75 billion comes from China. Electronics items like sensors and actuators had to be bought from China.
  • China’s largest solar panel manufacturer, LONGi, has been mulling constructing an Indian plant.
    • There’s a long list of reasons. why shouldn’t the Indian government ban Chinese products? that will stun you. so now what there’s no option?


So that’s why the Modi Government is promoting “The Atmanirbhar Bharat Mission”. To make India self-reliant. The government is having peaceful and friendly relations with China. While on the other hand, they are trying to boycott Chinese products. People in India should genuinely feel that they should boycott Chinese products.

Every Indian company should manufacture from the key ingredients to the main products.
Our economy should be self-reliant. And The boycott of china stand remains unchanged.

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