PC gaming vs Gaming on Console/Mobile. What is better and appeal the most in 2020?

How many platforms are there in the market for gaming? Mobile, PS4, Xbox, Consoles, Gaming on PC/Laptops.
The article based on Indian Gamers, the emerging market for PC gaming, internet, tech etc.

First, we checked why mobile gaming is rising? I was quite surprised a few days earlier as the call of duty become more successful after PUBg. Why it becomes so popular, because a country like India, have millions of joining the internet. Thanks to the CHEAP JIO INTERNET SERVICE. 70-80% of people who never played high-end multiplayer games like COD, battlefield are likely to play games on their phone. In India, the average salary of a person is very less than the price of a console or gaming PC. The price of these things are double or started from a triple of their salary. so they never experience the high-end games.

As PUBg entered in the market which is a multiplayer some kind of realistic game. People can buy INR 10-15k mobile phones with internet service costing less than INR 2-4 /GB, can download & play games. There are no needs to buy a high-end console, then buy gaming DVD. Then we need a high-speed(10-20mbps) internet connection which is not good in 70-80% areas of India
Now comes to our question What appeals to you most about gaming on a PC?

1). We can upgrade hardware for the day to day used – PC gaming

Many times the normal professional, don’t have money to buy high-end SSD, High RAM PC. So people what they do is to buy a normal high processor PC (i7). As the days passed, & got some savings, We can upgrade PC, by adding SSDs, then few days after with RAM, then graphics card. So in short, you can upgrade performance, storage your PC for high-end graphics game.

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2). We can use PC for more used

As compared to console and high-end gaming mobile phones, we can buy a PC more or less the same price in India. The Console Xbox, ps4 etc charge around 30-40k. i7 processor PC can cost up to 40-45k in India, and we can later upgrade it. We can use it for many things, like editing videos, programming, making docs, used the internet.


3). Console games are kind of more expensive than PC

Many console games come with an in-game subscription. Which is not in the case of PCs, once you buy, you can play it forever. many games pricing for pc is lesser than console. Subscription will be on a monthly basis

4). PC can be never dying

You can upgrade your pc time by time. You don’t need to pay a huge for the next-generation upgrade as compare to console in India. you can buy an upgraded motherboard, SSD, ram for PC. Buying PC component as compared to console looks like a cheaper way to upgrade your device

5). Most of the games are available for pc

Most of the game, released for the console, is available for PC. As gaming console needs to check whether it is available for Xbox or PS4 or is it comes under my affordable rates.

6). Warranty and Repairs

Pc can easily repair as compared to consoles. If some card is not working you can replace it in PC, but many things are not possible in the console. We can repair PC easily, and console company said You replace your console, not able to repair it.

7). Multitasking

You can stream online, make videos and upload it on streaming platform side by side. We can do many other things on the PC at the same time.

8) Need more control over the PC gaming

When people started playing multiplayer games, they realize need more controls over the game. For E.g., while moving, we can fire and can move the view also. Which is not possible in mobile or console control. which in PC gaming is very comfortable to play because of mouse and button controls.

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