Free PDF Books to Download Part 4

Introductory Quantum Mechanics

By Paul R. Berman

Guide to Competitive Programming

By Antti Laaksonen

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

By Wolfgang Ertel

Bioinformatics for Evolutionary Biologists

By Bernhard Haubold, Angelika BörschHaubold

Concepts, Methods and Practical Applications in Applied Demography

By Richard K. Thomas

Introduction to Deep Learning

By Sandro Skansi

Energy and the Wealth of Nations

By Charles A.S. Hall, Kent Klitgaard

A Beginner’s Guide to Scala, Object Orientation and Functional Programming

By John Hunt

Lessons on Synthetic Bioarchitectures

By Eva-Kathrin Ehmoser-Sinner, CherngWen Darren Tan

Managing Sustainable Business

By Gilbert G. Lenssen, N. Craig Smith

Engineering Mechanics 2

By Dietmar Gross, Werner Hauger, Jörg Schröder, Wolfgang A. Wall, Javier Bonet

Fundamentals of Business Process Management

By Marlon Dumas, Marcello La Rosa, Jan Mendling, Hajo A. Reijer

Clinical Methods in Medical Family Therapy

By Tai Mendenhall, Angela Lamson, Jennifer Hodgson, Macaran Bai

Guide to Scientific Computing in C++

By Joe Pitt-Francis, Jonathan Whiteley

Motivation and Action

By Jutta Heckhausen, Heinz Heckhausen

Perspectives on Elderly Crime and Victimization

By Peter C. Kratcoski, Maximilian Edelbacher

Knowledge Management

By Klaus North, Gita Kumta

An Introduction to Zooarchaeology

By Diane Gifford-Gonzalez

Abstract Algebra Gregory

by T. Lee

Criminal Justice and Mental Health

By Jada Hector, David Khey

Philosophy of Race

By Naomi Zack

Of Cigarettes, High Heels, and Other Interesting Things

by Marcel Danesi

Applied Bioinformatics

By Paul M. Selzer, Richard J. Marhöfer, Oliver Koch

Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry for Physical Sciences

By Giovanni Landi, Alessandro Zampini

Building Energy Modeling with OpenStudio

By Larry Brackney, Andrew Parker, Daniel Macumber, Kyle Benne

Customer Relationship Management

By V. Kumar, Werner Reinartz

The A-Z of the PhD Trajectory

By Eva O. L. Lantsoght

Strategic Human Resource Management and Employment Relations

By Ashish Malik

Applied Linear Algebra

By Peter J. Olver, Chehrzad Shakiban

Witnessing Torture

By Alexandra S. Moore, Elizabeth Swanson

Proofs from THE BOOK

By Martin Aigner, Günter M. Ziegler

Introduction to General Relativity

By Cosimo Bambi

Introduction to Particle and Astroparticle Physics

By Alessandro De Angelis, Mário Pimenta

Fundamentals of Java Programming

By Mitsunori Ogihara

Optimization of Process Flowsheets through Metaheuristic Techniques

by José María Ponce-Ortega, Luis Germán Hernández-Pérez


By Matjaž Mihelj, Tadej Bajd, Aleš Ude, Jadran Lenarčič, Aleš Stanovnik, Marko Munih, Jure Rejc, Sebastjan

Business Ethics – A Philosophical and Behavioral Approach

By Christian A. Conrad

A First Introduction to Quantum Physics

By Pieter Kok

Argumentation Theory: A Pragma-Dialectical Perspective

By Frans H. van Eemeren

Logical Foundations of Cyber-Physical Systems

By André Platzer

Off-Grid Electrical Systems in Developing Countries

By Henry Louie

Entertainment Science

By Thorsten Hennig-Thurau, Mark B. Houston

Physics of Oscillations and Waves

By Arnt Inge Vistnes

Introduction to Programming with Fortran

By Ian Chivers, Jane Sleightholme

Fundamentals of Solid State Engineering

By Manijeh Razeghi

Introduction to Digital Systems Design

By Giuliano Donzellini, Luca Oneto, Domenico Ponta, Davide Anguita

Neural Networks and Deep Learning

By Charu C. Aggarwal

Data Science and Predictive Analytics

By Ivo D. Dinov

Systems Programming in Unix/Linux

By K.C. Wang

Analytical Corporate Finance

By Angelo Corelli

Fraud and Corruption

By Peter C. Kratcoski, Maximilian Edelbacher

Conferencing and Presentation English for Young Academics

By Michael Guest

A Concise Guide to Market Research

By Marko Sarstedt, Erik Mooi

Global Supply Chain and Operations Management

By Dmitry Ivanov, Alexander Tsipoulanidis, Jörn Schönberger

Introduction to Parallel Computing

By Roman Trobec, Boštjan Slivnik, Patricio Bulić, Borut Robič

Mathematical Logic

By Roman Kossak

Stability and Control of Linear Systems

By Andrea Bacciotti

Introduction to Formal Philosophy

By Sven Ove Hansson, Vincent F. Hendricks

Analysis for Computer Scientists

By Michael Oberguggenberger, Alexander Ostermann

International Business Management

By Kamal Fatehi, Jeongho Choi

Research Methods for the Digital Humanities

By lewis levenberg, Tai Neilson, David Rheams

Introductory Computer Forensics

By Xiaodong Lin

Control Engineering

By László Keviczky, Ruth Bars, Jeno Hetthéssy, Csilla Bányász

Control Engineering: MATLAB Exercises

By László Keviczky, Ruth Bars, Jenő Hetthéssy, Csilla Bányász

ENZYMES: Catalysis, Kinetics and Mechanisms

By N.S. Punekar

Automatic Control with Experiments

By Victor Manuel Hernández-Guzmán, Ramón Silva-Ortigoza

Internet of Things From Hype to Reality

By Ammar Rayes, Samer Salam

Quantitative Methods for the Social Sciences

By Daniel Stockemer

A Pythagorean Introduction to Number Theory

By Ramin Takloo-Bighash

Philosophical and Mathematical Logic

By Harrie de Swart

Structural Dynamics

By Mario Paz, Young Hoon Kim

Plant Physiology, Development and Metabolism

by Satish C Bhatla, Manju A. Lal

Quantum Mechanics for Pedestrians 1

By Jochen Pade

Plant Anatomy

By Richard Crang, Sheila Lyons-Sobaski, Robert Wise

Quantum Mechanics for Pedestrians 2

By Jochen Pade

Excel Data Analysis

By Hector Guerrero

Quick Start Guide to VHDL

By Brock J. LaMeres

Java in Two Semesters

By Quentin Charatan, Aaron Kans

Managing Media and Digital Organizations

By Eli M. Noam

Media and Digital Management

By Eli M. Noam

An Anthology of London in Literature, 1558-1914

By Geoffrey G. Hiller, Peter L. Groves, Alan F. Dilnot


By Ulrich Walter

Perceptual Organization

By Stephen Handel

Research Methods for Social Justice and Equity in Education

By Kamden K. Strunk, Leslie Ann Locke

Educational Technology

By Ronghuai Huang, J. Michael Spector, Junfeng Yang

Quick Start Guide to Verilog

By Brock J. LaMeres

Spine Surgery

By Bernhard Meyer, Michael Rauschmann

Introduction to Logic Circuits & Logic Design with VHDL

By Brock J. LaMeres

Social Justice Theory and Practice for Social Work

By Lynelle Watts, David Hodgson

School Leadership and Educational Change in Singapore

By Benjamin Wong, Salleh Hairon, Pak Tee Ng

Digital Business Models

By Bernd W. Wirtz

Introduction to Logic Circuits & Logic Design with Verilog

By Brock J. LaMeres

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

By Daan J. A. Crommelin, Robert D. Sindelar, Bernd Meibohm

Mapping Global Theatre Histories

By Mark Pizzato

Social Marketing in Action

By Debra Z. Basil, Gonzalo Diaz-Meneses, Michael D. Basil

Analyzing Qualitative Data with MAXQDA

By Udo Kuckartz, Stefan Rädiker

Handbook of Evolutionary Research in Archaeology

By Anna Marie Prentiss

Evidence-Based Practice in Clinical Social Work

By James W. Drisko, Melissa D. Grady

Foundations of Behavioral Health

By Bruce Lubotsky Levin, Ardis Hanson

Social Psychology in Action

By Kai Sassenberg, Michael L.W. Vliek

Essentials of Business Analytics

By Bhimasankaram Pochiraju, Sridhar Seshadri

A Course in Rasch Measurement Theory

By David Andrich, Ida Marais

Multimedia Big Data Computing for IoT Applications

By Sudeep Tanwar, Sudhanshu Tyagi, Neeraj Kumar

Policing and Minority Communities

By James F. Albrecht, Garth den Heyer, Perry Stanislas

A Beginners Guide to Python 3 Programming

By John Hunt

Advanced Guide to Python 3 Programming

By John Hunt

Literature and Medicine

By Ronald Schleifer, Jerry B. Vannatta

Food Fraud Prevention

By John W. Spink

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