Apple iPhone SE (2020) to be soon Made in India with reduce prices by 6000 to 8000

Apple iPhone SE

According to a report, Apple is set to start manufacturing the iPhone SE (2020) in India.

  • This move will benefit Apple to avoid 20% tax needed for importing the new iPhone. Otherwise, They will have to pay to import a new iPhone model in India. This will also a benefit for iPhone users in India because the prices going to reduced by 6000 to 8000.
  • This step will help Apple to compete against companies like OnePlus, Samsung, Xiaomi.
  • iPhone SE(2020) was launched in April, a day after one plus 8 series launched.
  • iPhone SE is Apples most affordable iPhone by Cupertino’s manufacturing partner Wistron.
  • The starting price of iPhone SE (2020) is $558. This translates to Rs. 42,500 and Rs 38,900 after HDFC bank discount. The cost of the iPhone SE 2020 128GB version is Rs 47,800.
  • With this price range, iPhone SE will definitely attract the college, teenagers in India who cannot afford to buy the iPhone 11 series.
  • To avoid import taxes Apple started manufacturing some of its iPhone models in Bengaluru in 2017. But The company has produced only an older iPhone model nationwide.
  • According to a report, the iPhone shipments in India is growing by 78% in the 1st quarter only because of the iPhone 11. And in the upcoming future of India, iPhone SE (2020) will be helpful for the increase in shipments.
  • CEO Tim Cook said that they are working towards establishing a new online store which was expected to start the sales by the third quarter.
  • The currently available iPhone SE (2020) units in India, manufactured in China. They are all made in china
  • iPhone SE production will start in July.
  • Wistron asked a manufacturer in china to ship components of the smartphone.

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